TheFlux was born and raised in startups and small businesses over the last 25 years. We understand the challenges that small organizations and entrepreneurs face daily. Turning ideas into products, and then sales, is exciting, invigorating, and scary as hell.

Whether you need help with development, process implementation/optimization, or help with marketing and presentation of your business to customers or investors, we can help. Our focus and strength lies mostly in product development and Agile methodology, but we partner with best-of-breed organizations around the world that are available to help you in any area you face challenges.

And, we also understand that budgets are always tight. You do not need to pay us to get a recommendation. If you are struggling, working with a vendor you are unhappy with, or just want some resources to learn more about your competition or market, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to introduce people who may be able to help each other out.