theFlux built Yanay as a web application using NodeJS, Python, and PostgreSQL. The platform allowed agent to invite buyers, let them capture their personal feedback on properties using images and likes/dislikes (yays and nays), and have that data be available in real-time to the realtor. The agent was able to then give detailed feedback to buyers, and use the buyer’s own likes and dislikes to guide him to follow-on showings. It was also a valuable tool in understanding what part of the agent’s marketing was working as expected, and what parts were not.

The application had more than 50 realtors and over 100 users at the time that Yanay was accepted into the New Ventures Accelerator in June 2017. The decision was made to expand the functionality and re-build/re-brand the application to aim toward a broader audience. See Yanay and MuniVision for current details on the platform.